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The benefits of hiring a doula

  • A doula is a knowledgable companion that helps the birth family through labor, birth, postpartum care, and breast feeding.
  • A doula facilitates communication between the birth family and the medical staff, helping to ensure that the family’s rights, concerns, and wishes are recognized.
  • A doula helps the birth family realize their birth plan by maintaining focus in complicated birthing situations.
  • Clinical studies have shown that having a doula present during the birthing process shortens the labor period and decreases the likelihood of epidural anesthesia, episiotomy, forceps, and Caesarean delivery.
  • Clinical studies have also shown that having a doula present increases the overall happiness of the birth mother, the happiness of the baby, the feelings of the mother toward her birth partner, and the success of breast feeding.
  • A doula becomes part of the birth team.  A doula can help lead or follow, finding the most natural position within the team.
  • A doula works for you.  The doula’s number one goal is to ensure that the birth family has a rewarding labor, birth, and postpartum experience.